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Roofing Repair & Inspection in Frisco, Texas

When a home represents the largest investment that most families will ever make, Elevated Roofing offers its customers in Frisco peace of mind knowing that they’re safe and secure. Whether it’s from storm damage or it’s a simple matter of maintenance and repair, our team of experts is always available to service Frisco roofing customers. From unparalleled workmanship to customer service that rates second to none, the professionals at Elevated Roofing are prepared to take on any project, residential or commercial.

A roof system that is restored to it’s original condition will ensure that a family remains safe and secure, and that their property maintains or increases its overall value. Since 1995, the professional family at Elevated Roofing has provided service and support to Frisco roofing customers who have depended on our expertise and attention to detail. In an area where severe weather is not uncommon, residents can trust that timely and reliable service is only a phone call away.

Whether it’s storm related damage, routine maintenance, simple repairs, or complete replacement, our expert roofers offer quality workmanship that’s earned them a reputation for excellence throughout the state of Texas. Using only the best possible materials available in the industry, our experienced crews provide a product that is not only guaranteed to stand the test of time, but it offers families a guarantee that safety is never an issue.

Elevated Roofing prides itself on superior customer service and support. From start to finish our crews treat each customer’s home as if it were their own. This means a job site that is kept clean and safe throughout the life of the project. It also means a landscape that is kept free of debris and potentially dangerous materials. Put simply, Elevated Roofing takes care of its customer’s property.

Frisco roofing customers are encouraged to contact us regarding any project they might be considering. A free inspection by our professional staff will ensure that all roofing elements are completely and thoroughly examined. The inspection process offers homeowners an accurate assessment of what problems might exist and what solutions should be employed. We offer this free inspection service to our Frisco roofing customers in order to ensure their complete safety.

When dealing with unfortunate storm damage, homeowners are often faced with filing insurance claims. During a time when families have been dealt a devastating blow, the claim process can seem complicated and confusing. As experts in the field of insurance restoration, our professional staff is prepared to guide customers through the exhausting process of filing a claim. From contacting the appropriate agents, to being onsite during the investigation and inspection, we are always available to lend our Frisco roofing customers a helping hand.

Elevated Roofing considers attention to detail a top priority, regardless of the project. From minor repair work to complex roof replacement, each job is equally important. Our expert roofers and professional administrative staff never take short cuts or cut corners. When the bottom line means the safety of families, every Frisco roofing customer has our full attention.

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